Venturing Near and Far



Walking in the local park, sitting by the village pond, cycling along quiet country lanes, watching buzzards circle in the thermal currents, gazing out from the top of a hill – these activities, and others like them, can all be our moments of rest, peace, joy or contentment. 

The fact that we might not have to travel long distances to find such places and pleasures is something to value and celebrate. Even if relatively close by, and within reach of many other people, these places may still feel quite personal to us and enrich our lives. 

They may not necessarily be the most stunning or significant of places but their presence in our locality allows us to feel better about ourselves and the world around us.  This page aims to capture the appeal and experience of such places around the Winchester area, or perhaps even a bit further away and provide some practical tips and suggestions for the reader.

N.B. I have also written about the local music scene on the Winchester Bloggers website. See blogs on the Railway Inn’s efforts to keep it thriving as a grassroots music venue, and a review of the 2018 summer’s local music festivals.