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WELCOME to ‘Venturing Near and Far’! 

This website provides a platform to not only recount and reflect on experiences of overseas travels to enticing or remote locations, but also cover experiences and trips to places that lie closer to Winchester and the surrounding areas of Hampshire (UK) that can often be under appreciated.  

I feel privileged to have been able to travel widely and study abroad, and intend to hail the wonders of places such as British Columbia, Greenland, Iceland, the Azores or New Zealand. At the same time, I have enjoyed living in the ancient capital of England, Winchester for the last twenty years and have come to appreciate all that the area offers, so will aim to celebrate the places, wildlife and culture that lie within its easy reach. 

This is complemented by providing opportunities for invited guests to contribute pieces on places, culture, events or practices they have experienced through travelling which have excited or have special meaning for them.

Finally, ‘Venturing Near and Far’ will also reflect on a variety of more general matters that relate to the travel experience and its broader context.

Note: Clicking on any orange, highlighted text anywhere on the website will link with further details or material, reports and other matters of related interest relevant to the particular page or subject.